No longer a Fresher blues (or am I?)

Looking at the excited and nervous faces peering out from every direction on campus, I feel a sort of innate smug wisdom in the fact that they don’t know where Block A is, they are all ill with the infamous Fresher’s Flu and they are still caught up in the innocence that uni life is going to be AMAZING where you can go out every night and still pass your exams with flying colours (the first year doesn’t count right?).

Yet the problem with my condescension is that a)  I still don’t know where half of anything is, b) I am definitely ill for the second time in two weeks, and c) that I still have this innocent hope that if I work hard enough, I can still go out three times a week and get that much yearned for First. In my dreams.

And yes, I also look about 16 as well.

So basically, I’m still a Fresher at heart.

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