Stress is one of those funny things in life. It affects everybody in different ways and shows itself at the moments you least expect. Everyone gets stressed to a certain extent, but a lot of people are better at disguising it than others. 

As a student, academic stress is probably the most common and personally, I’ve always managed to suppress most of this due to the massive organisational freak I am. You’ll never see me doing my exam revision or essay the night before, it would just literally kill me inside. I’m always over-prepared, sometimes to the point of self-destruction. However, other forms of stress do affect me more significantly, such as when the pub where I work gets really busy or, if there’s anything to upset me the most it’s falling out with family and friends.

Yet I’ve recently discovered a form of stress relatively new to me. I know everyone said that the second year of uni is harder, but I guess I didn’t really believe it until these last few weeks. Just the sheer amount of reading I have to do is driving me crazy (which I guess I shouldn’t complain about as an English Lit student), plus essays and deadlines. At the moment, I feel like my head may explode with words at any moment.

I think the key to stress is, no matter how busy and worried you are, you should always take some time out of each day to do something for you. To not think about how stressed you are even for half an hour does wonders for you, as I’ve found out as someone who has massive difficulty compartmentalising. Which is why after a five and a half hour library stint, I’ve spent this evening catching up with TV and, er…blogging about stress.

So although for one of the first times in my life I can determinately describe my condition as ‘academic stress’, I also know that also for the first time in a while I feel motivated and empowered and that this stress is good for me. It’s inspiring me to work harder than I have before and to pave the way for my future. Absolute cheese, but it’s true.

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