Munich Christmas Haul

Earlier this week I went to Munich Christmas Market for two days and a night with a friend and, as you might have guessed, I had the best time ever. There were so many stalls selling all sorts of Christmassy bits and bobs, from tree decorations, to Bavarian honey and cake, to nativity pieces (they love their nativity mangers – Krippe – we discovered). There was also lots of snow! We landed to about 6 inches and it continued snowing the whole of the first day which added such a festive atmosphere to the whole thing. I bought a few lovely items which I thought I’d share.



This was the first thing on my list to buy. My old German teacher used to bring in some every lesson before Christmas and it’s honestly the most delicious thing. I bought this on the first day and then had to haul around all 750g of it for the rest of the time which probably wasn’t the best idea. But it was all worth it and I can’t wait to open this nearer to Christmas.



Despite the fact that I’m coming across as absolute with all this fatty with all of this food, and that this packet of Lebkuchen is clearly half eaten, I can justify myself by saying that these were for my family (sort of). German Christmas cakey things are really nice and my family very much appreciated these. I got them from the same shop as the Stollen which was called Eilles and was a lovely shop selling tea and coffee things, perhaps the German equivalent of Whittards of Chelsea over here.

Tree decorations


This style of wooden cut-out tree decorations were everywhere in the Christmas market, and I picked up these 4 for €1,50 each. There were loads of other kinds of wooden Christmas decorations, including ones which were like a semi-circle shaped block of wood with different staggered layers carved in to create a Christmas scene. They were very beautiful, but I thought a block of wood might be a bit too much to carry as hand luggage! These will look gorgeous on the Christmas tree.


Pyramiden candle


Pyramiden are traditionally wooden pyramid shaped ornaments which spins round when you put candles around the bottom. This is a really cute smaller metal version which I fell in love with. It has a Christmas Munich scene at the bottom and four spinning shooting stars above. The good thing about this one is that it takes just normal tea lights whereas you need special candles (Pyramidenkerzen) for a real one which would be a bit of a hassle. Plus the wooden ones are much bigger! This one is just so dainty and beautiful, especially at night when you can really see the cut out scene glow from the candlelight. Sehr schön!




Now what’s a trip to Germany at Christmas without some mulled wine? In Christmas markets, you buy the mulled wine for about €2,50 but you pay €3,00 for the mug which, if you return, you get a refund for. I already have a cream boot-shaped mug from the Aachen Christmas market so I was desperate for a Munich one to match. I’m not sure whether it was the coldness or tiredness, but I swear the mulled wine was a lot stronger too…

Believe it or not, we also did a couple of cultural things whilst in Munich, including visiting a couple of beautiful churches and the Residenzmuseum where the Kings of Bavaria used to live. I’ll do a separate blog post about those later. Fröhliche Weihnachten!


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