February Music Favourites

I haven’t really talked about music on here before, but seeing there is a lot of amazing new music out there at the moment, I thought now would be the time to share what I’ve been listening to this month.



CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

First up is the Scottish band CHVRCHES who I had heard vaguely of, but then became rapidly obsessed with this song after discovering it in the H&M changing rooms. Got to love Shazam. This song is ridiculously catchy and has got me all excited for Summer. I predict big things for this lot.



Bastille – Pompeii

I’ve loved Bastille ever since I heard Overjoyed on Radio 1 and I am so excited for their album to come out. Their new single Pompeii has a weird Lion King-esque feel about it and is pretty epic in that respect. (Also, I have never heard anyone sing in such a strong English accent, is this just me?)



Peace – Wraith

I’ve just realised how indie I’ve been this month and this song is no different. Peace is an up and coming band from Birmingham and this song is really good. I mean really good. As catchy indie songs go, it’s pretty perfect. Plus the video has A LOT of bum in it.



Gabrielle Aplin – Salvation

Β I’ve been following Gabrielle Aplin on YouTube for a while because her covers are literally amazing and it was so nice for her to receive the recognition she deserves with the coveted John Lewis Christmas advert song. Her album is coming out really soon and she gave this song away as a free download the other week. I absolutely love her voice, check her out online to hear some more of her original stuff.



Frightened Rabbit – The Woodpile

Why is it that all rock music sounds better in a Scottish accent? If Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic aren’t proof enough, Frightened Rabbit’s new single is a really decent rock song, the kind that critics are probably describing as keeping the genre alive (because that’s what they always say, isn’t it?). With the newly reformed Fall Out Boy heralding themselves as the saviours as Rock and Roll, over this side of the pond I’d say that Frightened Rabbit are doing a pretty good job themselves.



Matt Corby – Brother

Ok, so I have to admit that number 6 is a bit self-gratuitous. Partly because this isn’t that recent of a song, and partly because I’ve included a huge photo of Matt Corby in all of his beauty (how blue are those eyes?!). I found this song really haunting, even more so when I discovered that it was about him sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend. There have been moans in my uni house, however, of what they call the ‘bird noise man’ being played too loudly – take a listen and see whose side you’re on. The live version is even more amazing.



Haim – Don’t Save Me

So if you haven’t heard of Haim, where have you been? Three sisters from California with long hair and middle partings: they’re so 2013 darling. In all seriousness though, these three girls have got some amazing song-writing abilities. Think hipster meets Michael Jackson; that’s what I thought anyway.

And that concludes my February music favourites. I’m a sucker for new music and there’s definitely a lot of really good new music out at the moment and loads of anticipated albums coming out in the next few weeks too. With young Jake Bugg bagging the top spot on the album chart recently, I really hope that 2013 will see the return of some decent music getting some recognition. Anything’s better than Gangnam Style. Anything. But, if not, we can all cherish our underdog music together and argue over who’d heard of them first. Bring on 2013.


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