Travel Diaries: Canada Roadtrip – Vancouver

I’ve just returned from my roadtrip around the west and Rockies of Canada with my boyfriend, and I’m already so excited to share my adventures and photos here on my blog.

Hint: if you are ever considering visiting this area of Canada – do it. I don’t care if you have to sell your firstborn child and kidney on the black market to do so, it will be completely worth it, trust me.

Our route was: Vancouver → Squamish → Kamloops → Jasper → Banff → Revelstoke → Kelowna → Vancouver

First up, here is our first couple of days in the wonderful city of Vancouver. The city is truly beautiful: nestled between the mountains and the sea, with plenty of green and urban spaces.

Our first stop was the waterfront, which is pretty touristy but cool nonetheless – the perfect place to watch the huge cruise ships and tiny seaplanes leaving and coming in. Then we went up the overpriced viewing tower for some great views over Vancouver and the distant mountains. Gastown is a very cool area of the city – plenty of trendy shops and bars – which very quickly became our go-to place for dinner and drinks.

The must-see in Vancouver, however, has to be the famous Stanley Park – a big forested park on the tip of the city which you can cycle, walk or run around for fabulous views of the coastline. We also loved Granville Island Public Market where we sampled our first veggie-friendly poutine of the trip (yay!) but there were so many other yummy-looking stalls with all sorts of delicacies.

During our brief visit we also managed to squeeze in an early morning run along the harbour, a walk around the vibrant and rainbow-coloured West End, and a beautiful sunset at the aptly-named Sunset Beach.

Maybe it was the long and sunny days painting my glasses rosy-coloured, but I absolutely loved the green, clean and diverse city of of Vancouver. Next up, we venture into the wilderness, and try to remember to drive on the right-hand side of the road…

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