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The Diary of an Unpublished Author #6

Dear Diary, Today I’m going to talk aboutĀ motivation. Perhaps it will start off about writing, but I think it will end up being about life, as inevitably everything does. The two are intrinsically linked, you see – writing and life. In many ways my writing is my life; it is, quite honestly, the most important […]

The Diary of an Unpublished Author #5

Dear Diary, This one’s all about redrafting. I’ve got mixed feelings towards the process, mainly because on one hand it’s inexplicably important and so completely necessary, and on the other it’s inexplicably hard work and so completely soul-destroying. I’ve started to lose count of the amount of times I have gone through and edited my […]

The Diary of an Unpublished Author #4

Dear Diary, Let’s talk for a moment about rejection. What does it mean, exactly, to have somebody tell you that your work isn’t good enough? That it’s not exactly what they were looking for, that they don’t feel passionately enough about it to offer you representation. That they couldn’t find an agent who felt strongly […]

The Diary of an Unpublished Author #3

Dear Diary,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Review: Burial Rites, Hannah Kent

Northern Iceland, 1829. A woman condemned to death for murdering her lover. A family forced to take her in. A priest tasked with absolving her. But all is not as it seems, and time is running out: winter is coming, and with it the execution date. Only she can know the truth. This is Agnes’s […]

Poetry Corner | Poem #17

Who says that writing isn’t like giving birth? And a little bit like self-destruction too. I do my best work while the rest of the world is asleep, apparently, and it’s always going to be worth it.

Poetry Corner | Poem #15 : Old Habits & New Moons

Poetry Corner | Poem #11

I’m midway through what feels like the millionth edit of my book, and this is particularly relevant at the moment. It’s still strange to me that a world can exist so vividly and entirely within my head, and now on the paper I’m reading, and that the people from this world feel like real and […]

Review: The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

Woops, I did a bad thing, and that was to read this book and completely forget to post a review. I did have some thoughts about it though, and some discussions with friends, so if you just give me a moment, maybe I can try and rearrangeĀ a few ideas to share. A debut psychological thriller […]

Poetry Corner | Poem #9: Filler

I can’t be the only one who sees everything through rose-tinted glasses of my own making, who lives with an overactive imagination so hopeful, so resourceful, that I can fall in love with my version of something a million times before it becomes itself. I don’t know if it’s naive or optimistic to see the […]