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Creative Writing MA: checking in and freaking out

It’s about four months until I finish my Creative Writing MA and hand in my final project and dissertation, and although that seems like a long amount of time, I am sure, with a certain degree of dread, that the time is going to fly past. I promised that I would document my degree on […]

A Rainy Afternoon’s Work

Once more I’ve been terrible with blogging recently, and just in case you thought it was because I was off somewhere exotic doing something exciting, I thought I’d do a little post with some pictures of what my life really consists of. As it’s my last proper term at university, I have a lot of […]


So this is a bit of a random post, but it occurred to me as an epiphany a couple of days ago that when it comes to trivial matters like my academic career and my food choices, I am indecisive. And I mean really indecisive. The kind of indecisive that when ordering dessert I have […]