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Poetry Corner | Poem #27: Trainsitting

There’s nothing like a long train journey for an epiphany or two; to remind you of who you are and where you are and where you’re going. In transit is sometimes the best place to find yourself.

Poetry Corner | Poem #26

Adventure is calling and it always sounds like the mountains for some reason. I can’t wait for the next great escape.

Poetry Corner | Poem #25: Dreams & Dungarees

Written somewhere on a bus in the middle of Laos and I remember the moment of writing it as much as the summer of dreams and dungarees.

Poetry Corner | Poem #24

I think this one might be a work in progress, but I like it all the same. You are yours and yours alone, and you are whole and perfect in that sense. Just think.

Poetry Corner | Poem #23

Poetry Corner | Poem #22

The world is big, but so are you. Seek and travel, and know this as you do.

Poetry Corner | Poem#21: Milford Sounds

I had an epiphany whilst travelling, something of a question. Faced with the things I saw: the most awe-inspiring, remarkable, fantastical works of nature – how was I exactly to process all of this? I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in design, but I couldn’t really comprehend how something of such profound beauty and […]

Poetry Corner | Poem #20: From London

Poetry Corner | Poem #19: St Jude

Poetry Corner | Poem #18: Take Me to the Mountains

Because I only feel at home when I can see, and feel, just how small I really am. Everyone needs to go and stand in the shadows of the mountains every once in a while and breathe. It does wonders to your perspective.