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The Diary of an Unpublished Author #5

Dear Diary, This one’s all about redrafting. I’ve got mixed feelings towards the process, mainly because on one hand it’s inexplicably important and so completely necessary, and on the other it’s inexplicably hard work and so completely soul-destroying. I’ve started to lose count of the amount of times I have gone through and edited my […]

The Diary of an Unpublished Author #1

In which Beth decides to begin chronicling the ups and downs (mainly downs) of her illustrious writing career.

How to Apply for Literary Agents

A simple step-by-step guide on how to apply for literary agents. Want to take that step and put your heart and soul, sorry,¬†book, out there in the publishing world? Easy! Copious amount of stress and pain required. Please follow this guide for enlightenment. Step 1. Realise that this is what you want. Really and truly. […]