April Music Favourites

I’ve been trying to blog a little more often recently, has anyone noticed? You’re welcome. Anyway, it’s that time of the month again with my favourite songs from April. I really recommend for everyone to have a go at using http://8tracks.com/ – it’s a great website where you can create your own playlists, plus choose different tags and listen to playlists made by other people with those tags. I’ve only made one playlist so far but it’s a great way to discover new music from people with a similar taste to you, so follow me! My link is http://8tracks.com/bhw_49

There are a few older songs in my favourites this month because 8tracks has shown me songs which have clearly passed me by, take a look:

1) The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

2) The Lumineers – Stubborn Love

3) Lewis Watson – Into the Wild

4) The Temper Trap – Down River

(I imagine this song as the background music for the montage of summer.)

5) Angus & Julia Stone – Draw Your Swords

(How have I not listened to these two before?! I love them!)

6) King Charles – Lady Percy

(I love King Charles, his music is so summery and upbeat.)

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