My Trip to Salzburg

In December I went to Salzburg to visit my friend who goes to university there, and I was glad of the opportunity to see the beautiful city at Christmas time. I took a few photos:

(Sorry for the extreme Christmassiness in mid-January; I’ve only just found my connector to put the pictures on my laptop!)






021I absolutely love Germany and Austria and this is my third visit to a German/Austrian Christmas Market. I just find their architecture really beautiful and their Christmas traditions and attitude nostalgic and homely. It seems I’m not the only one; sales of Stollen and Lebkuchen have been booming in the UK in recent years, and the whole traditional German Christmas ideal is fast becoming the most popular over here. My parents even bought a traditional German Pyramiden from a local shop last year.

Anyway, it was pretty amazing to wake up every day in Salzburg to a mountain view and I’d love to visit again in the Summer time, primarily so I can re-enact key scenes from The Sound of Music.

I’m planning on going to Germany in the summer to au pair and fulfil my life-long ambition of finally become fluent.

Ich kann es kaum erwarten!



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