A Week in the Lake District

To celebrate the end of exams, dissertations and, in turn, university (eek!), my friends and I planned a trip to the Lake District to stay in a small cottage not far from Windermere. It was an amazing week, complete with terrible map reading, unexpected mountain climbing, excessive tea drinking, no phone signal or internet, and, of course, lots of lakes. I found it was the perfect opportunity to take a step back from life and enjoy being phone-less for a week, which gave me the time to do some reading, thinking, and to hang out with my closest friends.

On a literary note, we visited both of Wordsworth’s homes – Dove Cottage and Rydal Mount – and Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top which were obviously very touristy, but still lovely to see. It’s always great to see such national treasures preserved and to see the joy such literary havens brought to visitors.

I managed to take lots of photos and sorting through them has only reminded how much I’m already missing being spoilt with such breathtaking views and scenery everyday. It’s not hard to see why authors found such inspiration in such surroundings and we can certainly thank people like Wordsworth and Potter for advocating a national park to sustain the natural beauty for generations to come.

08-06-14 (1)

08-06-14 (11)

08-06-14 (14)

08-06-14 (27)

08-06-14 (33)

08-06-14 (37)

09-06-14 (8)

09-06-14 (12)

10-06-14 (1)

10-06-14 (8)

10-06-14 (13)

A beautiful verse on the entrance to Wordsworth’s garden at Dove Cottage

10-06-14 (21)

10-06-14 (27)11-06-14 (12)

11-06-14 (20)

11-06-14 (29)

11-06-14 (37)

Beatrix Potter’s garden at Hill Top

12-06-14 (10)

13-06-14 (1)

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