Exploring Dresden: Bastei

Oh hey there. Did I really go all dark and deep in my last blog post, and did I really describe my social anxiety as ‘a rare cheese of the anxiety world’? Why yes, yes I did. Fortunately I’m back now to some light-hearted discussion of my life in Germany, and a handful of carefully-edited photos to show you what I’ve been up to.

Last weekend I finally got to visit the place I’ve been looking forward to going since I’ve moved here. Technically not in Dresden, but in the nearby Sächsische Schweiz national park, the Bastei bridge is nestled in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and quite clearly looks like something magical out of The Lord of the Rings. I’m so happy I got to visit it in Autumn and that I got to stand on the viewpoint with everybody else and take exactly the same photo as you can see a million times on Google Pictures…

Truly though, it’s such a beautiful and awe-inspiring view and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

DSCN2762 DSCN2772



DSCN2775 DSCN2786

DSCN2801 DSCN2809 DSCN2814


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