24 Hours in Bamberg

Last weekend I was given the opportunity to spontaneously visit the beautiful city of Bamberg in Bavaria. And when I say spontaneously, I mean like 4-5 days notice because for me that is very spontaneous. I seized the chance with both hands and enjoyed a wonderful, jam-packed stay in the UNESCO world heritage site, exploring the cobbled streets and medieval buildings with little to no use of the map (again, how adventurous of me), simply relishing the chance to see another part of Germany.

The trip was also great because it gave me the time I needed to practise with my new SLR camera, AKA my dad’s old one which he ever so kindly gave to me for Christmas. I’ve definitely got so much more to learn and need to dedicate a bit of time to reading up on all the different settings and functions, but I loved just wandering around and snapping the oh so picturesque sights, learning as I went. I really think that you can see a difference in the quality of the pictures, and I hope that they can only get better.

I’d really recommend a trip to Bamberg to anyone in the area, especially if you’re interested in seeing some really traditional German medieval architecture. I managed to do a lot in just over 24 hours: I consumed many a Heiße Schokolade, tried a vegetarian Schnitzel, walked over the river Regnitz hundreds of times over the many little bridges and, one of the highlights, went to the Neue Residenz where I managed to take some of my favourite photos in the empty and beautiful rooms.



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  1. thebookishuniverse · · Reply

    I’m so jealous. Everything looks amazing

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