Falling in Love with Prague

So I think this one will be short on words, but long in pictures.

My trip to Prague was perhaps the least planned and organised one yet, and I can’t pretend that I wasn’t a little stressed out just before (“What currency do they even have in the Czech Republic?!”). Honestly, however, I fell in love with a city which was so friendly, so beautiful and so easily explored; where there is a sight at every corner and every view is just postcard picture perfect. Also: beer. I could go into more detail and describe every single thing I did in the three days, but that would take too long and I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking – my camera hardly left my hands the whole time anyway.

Prague 1 Prague 2 Prague 3 Prague 4 Prague 5 Prague 6 Prague 7 Prague 9

Prague 10

Prague 11 Prague 12 Prague 13 Prague 14 Prague 15 Prague 16 Prague 17 Prague 19 Prague 20 Prague 22 Prague 23 Prague 24 Prague 26 Prague 27 Prague 28 Prague 29 Prague 30

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