Ah Good The Sea

On my way back to the UK a couple of weeks ago, I had the joy of coming in on the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover and shouting quite loudly to everybody, “It’s the white cliffs of Dover! I see the white cliffs, I’m home!”

Excitement and patriotism aside, there is something really beautiful and peaceful about the beach, and I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of days holiday/adjustment time in Dover before heading back to my home in Hertfordshire. I’ve spent a lot of time being afraid of the ocean – rightfully so, that thing is fricking huge and powerful – but I guess that I’ve never fully appreciated how lucky I am to live on an island surrounded by beautiful coastlines, cliffs and beaches.

It was definitely something to do with the feeling of coming home, but this time, rather than being partially terrified, I drew some kind of strength from being by the ocean, valued my life and my worth just that little bit more. It just felt like the perfect place to be, and cleanse, before starting the next chapter of my life.

Dover 1 Dover 2
Dover 4 Dover 5

Dover 3

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