Manchmal Träum’ Ich Nur Von Dir

After having panic-bought flights as soon as I had arrived back in the UK, returning to Germany two months later was somewhat of a surreal experience. I had to take two weeks off from my new job with raised eyebrows of you were just there for seven months, why are you going back? And it was a good question. Why was I going back? “To see my friends and family,” I always responded enthusiastically, ignoring the doubt in the back of my mind. I had just got back to the UK, I had just got settled and sure in what I was doing, finally; what good would going back do?

It turns out, however, that the two weeks were bloody lovely, and just what I needed. The weather was unexpectedly warm (for the first week anyway), and I had the chance amongst other things, to be harassed by small children, meet some cool new people, get locked in a toilet at Berlin airport, practise my bedtime story technique, visit Leipzig again, stay with my favourite Venezuelan in Dresden, get a tan/sunburnt, and to perfect my already fluent German. (Please know that I’m lying about the last one.)

It was so nice to be able to return on my terms, with my au pair days left far behind, and to enjoy the country I love so much. The proof is in the pudding. And by pudding I mean the pictures below.

In my German beer-fuelled state of crisis a few months ago, I seriously considered moving permanently to Dresden. Moving back home, however, made me realise that I’m not ready to settle down anywhere permanently, and that my main goal for the next year is to travel. As great as these two weeks have been, I know now that I should wait before I make any big life decisions. But one thing’s for sure – Germany will be seeing me again, whether or not they like it.

One more thing: if you would like to imagine the soundtrack of such a trip, please listen to the song below. You may also like to imagine me rapping in German. Go on.

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