Returning to Yorkshire

Coming back to Yorkshire was like a homecoming for me. I lived in York for three years whilst at university and after a year away, it’s fair to say that I was missing – as the people of Yorkshire proudly put it –  God’s own country. I can’t quite explain how much beauty and culture this glorious county holds, but if you think Wuthering Heights and steam trains, Vikings and Yorkshire tea, rolling moors of heather, and quaint little seaside towns, then you’re well on your way to imagining my favourite place. Plus, of course, lots and lots of scones (however it is you pronounce it).

I spent the week tucked away in a little cottage in the town of Pickering with my family, doing all the activities I’d wanted to do to pretend I was in an Enid Blyton novel, in addition to making sure I spent my time reading, writing, and playing stupid board games. It was altogether the perfect British getaway, tea and rain and trainspotters included, and frankly, I don’t think that Spain or France would have cut it.
Yorkshire 1
Yorkshire 20

Yorkshire 2 Yorkshire 3 Yorkshire 4 Yorkshire 5 Yorkshire 6 Yorkshire 7 Yorkshire 8 Yorkshire 9 Yorkshire 10 Yorkshire 11 Yorkshire 12 Yorkshire 13 Yorkshire 16 Yorkshire 17 Yorkshire 18 Yorkshire 19

Yorkshire 14

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  1. Wow these are lovely photos! Do you mind sharing on my latest blog post what type of camera you use? I’m very interested in taking this up as a hobby 😊

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