Falling for Autumn

Today I stepped outside and it smelt like autumn. And so begins my love affair with this beautiful season.


There’s something magical about autumn that has captivated me for as long as I can remember. Maybe because it’s the season of my birthday (October 1st and don’t you forget it), maybe it’s the transition from summer to winter, or maybe it’s because I’ve never worked out just how everything can be so alive when it’s dying. Whatever it is, I’m never so inspired to take a photo, to capture a moment, or to write than in Autumn. And trust me, I have pictures and playlists and poems enough to prove it. So I suppose then I can’t really publish an ode to this beautiful time of year without including all three, can I?

So here it is. A couple of photos I’ve definitely already posted up on here before; a poem rejected from my university poetry compilation because there were too many poems already about autumn already; and a playlist I pretentiously claim to be the best in the world. Don’t say I never give you anything. Go, random collection of things, spread autumnal love and joy into this world.

I love you, you bright and beautiful, confusing mess between summer and winter, never change. Except perhaps do, because that’s your job. Change everything as gloriously as you can. (Stop talking, Beth.)

Autumnal Pleasure

The days are getting shorter, but I do not mind,

The evenings are darker, but I am not scared.

The wind’s picked up all the leaves in the trees,

And painted them with the earth.

The sky has been dressed with billowing clouds;

Gigantic sails bearing the birds south.

And I have been blessed with Autumnal Pleasure,

Revelling in the glory of decay.

Wonderstruck with a world not yet stripped,

I want to wrap myself in the dimming sunlight,

And sleep until my eyelids are frozen shut,

And the branches above me are bare.

How can I feel alive when all around me is dissolution?

Tell me how I shall breathe when the air is so thin.

In the white darkness I am sure I will suffocate,

And in the long stillness I will shrivel and die.

But for now I am content to witness The Retreat;

It’s finally home-time as everything melts away.

The ground receives its bearings with open arms,

And I am lucky enough to hear the rustling.

Summer has not yet gone,

And winter is not yet come,

Autumn is here and still in bloom,

And I refuse to face the inevitable doom.

One comment

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, and liked your photos. I like everything about from the leaves changing colour to having a nice comforting warm drink.

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