Travels 2016: Bangkok


Welcome to the first instalment of my posts about my three month travels around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It’s so exciting to finally be writing about it after so many months of planning!

To try and describe this wonderful city in one word is a bit difficult. It’s simultaneously old and new, dirty and modern, somehow sticky and smelly and beautiful and noisy all at once. I can honestly say that I’ve loved every second I’ve spent here, yes even those in which I was being repeatedly asked if I would like to visit ‘ping pong show’? It’s all part of the experience; the being asked part, I mean, not the going part. (I’d seen too many glazed eyes and traumatised faces for that one.)

So what did we do then in Bangkok, if not frequenting the many many sex shows and seedy bars? Well, amongst other things, we took a longtail boat tour of the klongs (canals), mastered the sky rail train system, visited Wat Po temple, went to the top of the sky bar for cocktails and panoramic views of the city, took an obligatory walk down infamous Khao San Road, went to sparkling new malls and dusty old street markets alike, bought many essentials for our travels like toiletries, clothes and, you know, bracelets and anklets (so very essential to my travelling experience) and, of course, we ate a whole lot of fresh and delicious Thai food.

We also spent a lot of time wandering around, getting lost, and sitting in little restaurants and cafes simply soaking up the atmosphere which is always my favourite part of any adventure.

Onwards now to northern Thailand: Chiang Mai and Chiang Khong, and I’m certainly looking forward to leaving the hustle and bustle of Bangkok behind. Until the next time I have time and wifi, adios!

Bangkok 10Bangkok 9Bangkok 8Bangkok 7Bangkok 6Bangkok 5Bangkok 4Bangkok 3Bangkok 2Bangkok 1Bangkok 11

You should also check out my travel buddy’s blog: for some more pictures. (You’re welcome Holly, love you.)

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  1. Great post – I have to say Bangkok was my least favourite place in Thailand but I appreciated it all the same!

    Check out my travels around South East Asia 😊

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