Travels 2016: Sydney

How to begin describing our wonderful 5 night stay in Sydney?

Well, between the beaches and the bridge climb, the coffee and the cocktails, and then all the amazing people we met and the many, many things we did, I guess you could say that it was, err, OK.

And by that I mean truly fabulous; a real highlight of the trip so far.

Sydney somehow has this effortlessly cool vibe. Our hostel was directly opposite the central railway station and was by far the best one we’ve stayed at to date – I’d recommend it to anyone coming to Sydney. And really, despite doing a guided tour of the city from the beautiful Botanical Gardens to the Central Business District, spending an afternoon browsing the many shops and malls, enjoying a delicious brunch at the trendy district of the Rocks, partying it up until 3am at the club conveniently located in the basement of our hostel, wandering around the industrial and WWII base of Cockatoo Island as we accidentally found ourselves on, doing the expensive but totally worth it Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb for unbeatable views of the city…still we found that it wasn’t enough time to do everything.

Oh, and I also forgot to mention the day we spent completing the 6km walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi, AND the day we spent in the stunning Blue Mountains National Park, hopping on an doff of the various cable cars and sky trains. Phew.

So, yes, our time in Sydney was fun-filled and packed to the brim, and when I wasn’t running from one activity to the other I was secretly imagining myself coming back to Sydney to live because who wouldn’t want to live in a city so warm and friendly and fun?

Maybe see you again, Sydney. Next stop: Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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