23 at 23

Or 23 things to tell myself at the grand old age of 23 and a half.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being weird. And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
  2. It’s really cool being a vegetarian, but not everybody else wants to hear about it.
  3. Idealism is all well and good, but sometimes a little realism is necessary. Don’t let that get you down, let it inspire you to see things the way they are and put plans into action.
  4. You don’t need anybody else to make you happy.
  5. But other people are really cool. Especially the ones who are your friends.
  6. It is much better to surround yourself with fewer people who support and love and inspire you, than lots of people who don’t actively do those things.
  7. You can’t sing and you can’t dance, but you haven’t let it stop you so far, so don’t start getting self-conscious now. And don’t listen to the haters
  8. It’s ok that being around people sometimes makes you tired and you have to go and be by yourself for a while. Always make time for being an introvert.
  9. Sometimes you don’t need to burn bridges. Sometimes you can let it go, and keep that bridge standing.
  10. Patience is undervalued and you are very impatient. Good things come to those who wait.
  11. Sometimes when you meet new people you worry so much about what they think about you, you forget to worry about what you think about them. First impressions aren’t always accurate and you try too hard to make everyone like you.
  12. You think. A lot. It’s not a bad thing, although people will try and tell you that it is. Just slow down with the overthinking, and make time for reflection and meditation.
  13. Having a phobia of whales is a very niche and interesting thing about you, but you don’t need to tell everyone about it.
  14. If you wrote your dreams into novels you would be rich, because you have some very strange and vivid dreams.
  15. You are very lucky to lead the life you do, and it would serve you well to remember that more often.
  16. When you were little you were so terrified of change that you cried for hours because mum wanted you to move to the bigger bedroom. But now you embrace it. Now you are versatile and can adapt to new people and places and it’s one of your favourite things about yourself.
  17. You have a young face which is both a blessing a curse. Yes, you’re going to get ID-d a lot but hey, when you’re older you’ll be rejoicing in your baby face.
  18. You carry home with you. You have the ability to make little homes wherever you go, and do you know what? You have proof of that in all of the places you have been and the people you have met.
  19. Being emotional can feel like a weakness, but it’s also a strength. You are able to empathise and support others, in happiness and in sadness.
  20. You worry, big time. In fact, just writing this is making you worry about worrying, but that’s ridiculous, and you know it. Things you shouldn’t worry about include boys, the future, other people’s actions and perceptions, and the inevitable.
  21. In many ways you hate being out of your comfort zone, and not in control, but in many ways that’s where you thrive and come alive.
  22. You have big dreams and not everybody understands them, but that’s ok. You know you just need to keep working hard, and to not give up. It’s that difficult and it’s that easy.
  23. You are you, Bethany Wren. Remarkably and uniquely and genuinely just you, and it should put a smile on your face to remember that. In fact, I think most of the time, it does.


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