Summer Reading List

As the days get longer, brighter and, hopefully, warmer (it’s the UK here, you never know), this year I have set myself the challenge of reading five very different books of different genres. Here’s my run-down:

The Classic: The Mill on the Floss, George Eliot

The Mill on the Floss

I’ve read about 50 pages of this but didn’t get much further and really want to tackle this 19th Century classic, especially after being one of the few to smugly finish Middlemarch in my university seminars. Plus I have a beautiful vintage edition, so hopefully that will inspire me to power through.

The Fantasy Novel: Uprooted, Naomi Novik

Uprooted 2Recommended by a friend who is more like a literary guru and always manages to answer straightaway as soon as I ask her “What should I read next?”, this is supposed to be a great fantasy novel. As I find myself reading ever more of the genre, I’m intrigued to give it a go.

The One I’ve Heard Loads About: Reasons to Stay Alive, Matt Haig

Reasons to Stay Alive

I feel like everyone and their dog has recommended this to me and I’ve seen quotes and snippets everywhere, so I’m buzzing to find out what all the hype’s about. I know already that I’ll love it.

The One I’ve Heard Nothing About: How to be a Heroine, Samantha Ellis

How to be a Heroine

My friend bought this for me as a present last year and apart from having a quick look and thinking yep, this is so me, I really know nothing about it, so it will be fun to finally get around to seeing what it’s all about. Watch this space.

The YA Dystopian OneThe Chimes, Anna Smaill

Anna Smaill

I’ve been meaning to read this for ages because it looks amazing and definitely just my cup of tea. Dealing with themes of memory and music, Smaill’s debut looks so original in its premise and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing exactly what it’s all about. Also the cover and artwork are BEAUTIFUL.

So look out for any future reviews, I do try to write a bit about every book I read, although I do have a rather large backlog from books I read whilst travelling, AKA: a lot. Still, I love to process and digest everything I read on here and love reading other bloggers’ thoughts on new novels and books too. Happy summer reading!


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