The London Diaries: Richmond Park

Two weeks ago I moved to South London and I’ve honestly never been happier and more excited to start exploring new areas of my favourite city.

And so I guess it only makes sense to start recording my adventures on my blog: welcome to The London Diaries! Yep, I’m going to be a massive tourist in my own city and it’s going to be great.

I already had my lists and Pinterest boards (of course) of places that had caught my eye, but Richmond Park was the one which just kept coming up. I was envisioning some kind of slow-motion autumnal montage, and thankfully even my wildest dreams were fulfilled. Think leaves falling, think deer frolicking (and making strange deer noises), and think the sun shining in that perfect chilly-but-warm temperature where the lighting and shadows are just lovely, and everything feels all cosy and happy.

I suppose you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Walking into the park, I felt as if I could finally breathe again, and there was something so wonderful about being somewhere so natural and organic so close to the smoke of the city. It doesn’t feel like you are in London anymore, and I loved every second.

Richmond Park, you already have my heart and I can’t wait to come back.

Now for 5 million pictures of some deer.


One comment

  1. I’ve really got round to visiting Richmond park one day! I’d love to meet the wild deer.

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