Jasper, Jasper, where to begin? I think I had a million photos of this beautiful national park (mainly of Maligne Lake tbh), and I wish I could share each and every one of them with you all. Unfortunately, there’s only so many pictures of lake, mountains, snow and sky you can take, so I’ve limited them to my favourites below.

Maligne Lake was our first stop in Jasper, and also my favourite place, potentially in the whole wide world. The drive from Jasper to the lake is famous for the wildlife at every corner, and although we didn’t see so much as a deer-tail, we did stop off at Maligne Canyon and the magical shrinking Medicine Lake along the way. At Maligne Lake we made the mistake of setting of on a 10km hike on the hills above, which ended up with us tramping through the deepest snow, fully unprepared and unequipped – all part of the adventure I suppose!

Other things we did in Jasper included me making us drive all the way back to Maligne Lake, only to discover that the mystical Spirit Island can only be viewed via a pricey boat tour (wahh!); a chilled morning in the town, grabbing breakfast and getting coffee at the amazing coin laundry coffee shop; and a lazy afternoon by the local Lake Annette which has a sandy beach – just don’t forget that the lake water was not so long ago snow!

Jasper 1Jasper 2Jasper 3Jasper 4Jasper 5Jasper 6Jasper 7Jasper 8Jasper 9



  2. Pictures are stunning!! Looks like an amazing place!

  3. So picturesque!

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