Ich werde zu der Weihnachtsmarkt in München gehen!

It’s that time of year again. November’s arrived, Bonfire Night’s passed and all I seem to be seeing on TV are Christmas adverts.

Now everyone who knows me knows that I am a complete Christmasaholic: snow, trees, decorations, advent calendars, cheesy Christmas TV – I love it all. I also absolutely love Christmas in Germany, it seems to be so much quainter and just basically better than over here. My German teachers used to always bring in Stollen and Lebkuchen on the last day of term before Christmas and it just made me so happy.

Stollen is a bready-cakey piece of heaven with raisins and marzipan

I went to a Christmas market in Aachen with the school a couple of years ago and it was amazing, so this year I decided to go to the best one in Germany: Munich! I’m ridiculously excited and can’t wait to practise my German again before I have to do a whole German module on Goethe next year. The key phrases I will be using are:

Ich möchte eine Tasse Glühwein bitte (I would like a cup of mulled wine please)

Diese sind alle schön, ich will ihnen alle kaufen (These are all beautiful, I will buy them all)

Der Weihnachts ist so viel besser in Deutschland, ich will hier wohnen (Christmas is so much better in Germany, I want to live here)

And my key phrase of the moment is:

Ach mein Gott, ich kann es kaum erwarten (Oh my god, I can hardly wait)

I can’t believe I’m actually going here


  1. soundofmunichblog · · Reply

    Great ! In case you require any assistance do not hesitate to contact us. Have a very safe journey,

    Kind regards,

  2. I have been to Munich twice during the Christmas markets…you will have a great time.

    1. Thank you! As you can tell, I’m very excited!

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