Exploring Dresden: The Elbe

Last week we were graced with a couple of days of lovely warm weather here in Dresden, and I used the opportunity to explore some of the city’s beautiful outside spaces. The river Elbe winds it way through the heart of the city, and with cycle and footpaths close to both sides of the river banks, and walking along under the sun it felt more like I was on holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean. After all, the city does proudly claim to be the ‘Florence of the Elbe’…

Unfortunately as I write this now I have been caught in no fewer than three rain storms in the past few days, and the clouds outside my window look bleaker than ever. Basically, WINTER IS COMING (dum dum dum), and I’m so glad that I managed to sneak in a little bit of sunshine before it does. (Winter means Christmas though and that’s ok.)

I walked from the Loschwitz area which is in the east of the city, first taking the famous Sandsteilbahn, mountain train, up for some pretty views, and then walking down and westerly along the river. Checking it on Google Maps now, I can see that it was perhaps a lot further than I imagined, maybe 6 or 7 km, and with a) me being a generally slow walker and b) me stopping every two minutes to take a photo, it definitely took a lot longer than I anticipated.

It was such a beautiful walk, however, and I really hope that these pictures reflect it. Next up in Beth’s German adventures: the Zwinger, in which I still do not quite understand what a Zwinger is. Tschüss!

17-09-14 (2) 17-09-14 (4) 17-09-14 (9) 17-09-14 (13) 17-09-14 (14) 17-09-14 (19) 17-09-14 (24) 17-09-14 (25) 17-09-14 (26) 17-09-14 (31) 17-09-14 (38)


    1. Thank you! 🙂

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