Travels 2016: Ubud, Bali

Ahh Bali, thank you for fulfilling all of my dreams and expectations and for providing us with a break in our busy travelling schedule.

It’s hard not to be influenced by the spirituality of this island; the customs and beliefs of its people are known throughout the world. Our little bungalow was blessed, and so was our food, incense and offerings placed outside every shop and stall, however small. Everywhere you look are reminders of how seriously Balinese people take their culture.

In Ubud we nourished our bodies – smoothies and juices galore, fruit and salads aplenty, raw products and vegan restaurants on every corner. We nourished our minds too – 7am morning yoga and meditation at the Yoga Barn was the perfect way to start the day (when we were able to get up for it, that is.)

I feel like so many small moments have made my time in Ubud so special: sitting in our favourite cafe, Watercress, for the millionth time in so many days and watching the world go by in the street outside; hiring a bicycle for one sweaty evening and realising that no-one cycles around Ubud as we struggle to negotiate hills and mopeds; watching the storm clouds roll in over Mt Batur just before it starts to rain and we have to run to the car; wandering through the Monkey Forest, pretending not to be secretly terrified they were going to jump on us; being asked on my way to morning yoga by a group of Balinese girls if I could accompany them past said Monkey Forest because they were scared of the monkeys too; sitting by the pool in our bungalows, just thinking and resting and writing.

Perhaps if we’d have treated it more like the rest of our travels we might have seen a bit more, but as it is, I’m perfectly rested and content and besides, now there’s even more reason to come back.

We’re actually heading back to Bali to Kuta for a couple of days next week which I’ve heard has a completely different vibe (namely, a party one), so it will be interesting to compare. Ubud will always have my heart though, I promise.

Ubud 1Ubud 2Ubud 3Ubud 7Ubud 6Ubud 4Ubud 5Ubud 11Ubud 9Ubud 10Ubud 12Ubud 13


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  1. that’s pretty awesome

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