Travels 2016: Gili Trawangan (& back to Bali)

Ok, so I have to admit here that I’m falling further and further behind with my travel blog posts, woops… But even though it’s sometimes difficult to find the time, or the energy, to remember what you did a couple of weeks ago, write about it, and make some pictures look pretty, I’m still very determined to do it for every place that I visit on this trip, if only to ensure that I can look back in the future and remind myself how lucky I have been.

And that is very lucky indeed.

The Gili islands are a set of three islands off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. From the Padang Bai port in Bali, it takes a couple of hours by boat to get to the largest Gili island, Gili Trawangan, which is where we were staying for a week. We arrived on Gili T after a long and sweaty day of travelling, to probably the most beautiful and colourful sunset I have ever seen. (Look at the pictures, just look!) To be honest, we were honestly just walking around for an hour or so pinching ourselves because we were so happy to have arrived in paradise.

Unfortunately, that was about the only bit of good luck we had regarding the weather, and for the rest of our time on Gili T it rained pretty much constantly, which is kind of frustrating when you’re stuck on a small paradise island where everything is outside. We tried our best to make the most of it however; going snorkelling and cycling on the first days when it wasn’t raining, and visiting the island’s turtle hatchery, doing morning yoga, swimming in the rain and looking around the cute shops and restaurants when it was.

FYI, Gili T is really small. Like tiny. It takes 45 minutes to cycle around the entire island, and there are no roads or cars – just bicycles and horse carriages! It certainly made a change from some of the large cities we had visited before.

Two days before we were due to leave we decided to call it quits, curse the gods of rain, and admit that although we were British and used to the rain (apparently), we needed to go somewhere where we weren’t getting drenched everyday. So we cut our stay in Gili T short and went back to Bali, to spend a couple of nights in Seminyak and then onto Kuta. It was definitely the right decision and we enjoyed the sun again, spending lots of time on the beach and then a whole day in the WaterBom water park in Kuta – which was possibly one of the best days of my life: floating around in a rubber ring for hours, yes please.

I’m so glad we managed to see some different sides to Bali as well, although I must say I prefer spiritual Ubud to seedy Kuta any day but, hey, it was a fun way to spend our last few days in Asia and to convince me that yet again, here’s another country I need to return to one day. (Although preferably staying in a luxury hotel on the beach and not a cheap and gross hotel next time, here’s hoping.)

Gili 1Gili 3Gili 2Gili 5Gili 4Gili 6Gili 7Gili 8

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