A Weekend in Bath

At the beginning of December my boyfriend and I escaped London for a much-needed weekend away in the beautiful city of Bath. I had wanted to visit Bath for so long and I was certainly not disappointed in my dreams of Regency glamour and visions of Austen at every corner. The golden stone of the buildings is so distinctive and really transports you back in time.

Highlights included a trip to the Jane Austen Centre (my idea of course), lots of wandering around the city’s streets, shops and Christmas market, a hike up into the hills above, and a couple of hours spent at the wonderful Thermae spa where we enjoyed rooftop views over the city on a chilly morning in the outdoor pool. In the words of Austen herself: “Oh! Who could ever tire of Bath?” and I couldn’t agree more. I’ll be back, Bath, of that I am certain.


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