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Review: Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen

I don’t know if you can review a book you’ve read twice and you really love, but I’d nonetheless like to share my delight in re-reading one of my favourite Austen novels. I picked up this beautiful edition at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath in something of a Regency-induced dream and promptly decided that […]

A Weekend in Bath

At the beginning of December my boyfriend and I escaped London for a much-needed weekend away in the beautiful city of Bath. I had wanted to visit Bath for so long and I was certainly not disappointed in my dreams of Regency glamour and visions of Austen at every corner. The golden stone of the […]

Why we all love Austen

I haven’t done a literary blog post in a while so I thought I’d take the time to dedicate one to the goddess of all authors: Jane Austen. She’s been an inspiration to so many, and her books are just perfection. Obviously we all love her, but here’s why: 1. Mr Darcy et al The […]