What’s in a Name?

I thought maybe I should explain the name of my blog to those of you who don’t understand the cleverly disguised metaphor and connotations, gawwdd.

Basically, I went to France a couple of years ago on holiday with my family, and we stayed in the nicest villa. The weather was just perfect and we spent loads of time just sitting by the pool and resting (there was also a hammock, yes!) and I remember reading about 5 books and everything just being so lovely and peaceful. And then, as it always does on holidays, reality just hits you and you remember that you have a life to go back to, and for me my AS Level results and university applications and bucket loads of stress. So I wrote a poem about it called ‘Forever on a Lilo’ which isn’t very good, but the ideas behind it still stand. It was basically about how by floating on a lilo you’re just avoiding reality, drifting on the still water, not hitting the sides of the pool, not facing life in any substantial form. Just pretending that there’s nothing more out there for a few moments.

Yeah, it’s probably a bit pretentious but I like the idea of it so I used it for the name of my blog. Sometimes we all feel like we’re just drifting aimlessly and that we have nowhere to go, and as an English Lit student I like to think that I feel this more than often, haha. But you can’t float forever guys and eventually the inevitable happens: you get off the lilo, get on that plane, and fly back home. So I don’t know if you’re reading this blog as a form of avoiding reality, or if I’m writing it as a form of avoiding reality, or if we’re all just avoiding reality all the time together, but while we’re trying to work it out, please enjoy my blog as a small slice of escapism, a peaceful lilo in an ocean of crashing waves and confusion as it were. A place where you can read the ramblings and rants of a strange girl and tell her that you agree, just to make her feel a little bit better. Anyone?

“But, I hear you sigh though;

Would you rather be forever on a lilo?”

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