I’ve got 99 problems and my blog’s just one

So I’ve been super busy over Christmas and I’ve finally got around to some blogging, hooray! My two essays have been handed in, I have finished at my job, my car has been welded and fixed and now I finally have some breathing space to think and rest and just generally revert back to my lazy student ways. 

I do have some exciting news, however. In July I am going to Cambodia for 3 weeks to teach children English at a school near Siem Reap. I AM SO EXCITED! I’ve always wanted to do something like this but I’ve never plucked up the courage so I just decided to book it and now I can’t wait. I’m currently sorting everything out but you can be assured that there will be many more blog posts about it in the build up.

On a less exciting note, I forgot to talk about The Perks of Being a Wallflower film which I saw a few weeks ago and re-watched today. Not illegally of course. I think it’s so good – I love the fact that Stephen Chbosky directed it; it definitely brings an element of honesty and truthfulness about it. I was talking to a friend who commented that it was a bit self-gratifying, and I can understand where she’s coming from but if you’ve got a vision that you’ve written on paper, why not be the one to put it on the screen? I’m no director but if I wrote a book, I’m sure I’d only be happy if it was directed exactly how I envisioned it. The performances from the main three are all brilliant as well: the way Logan Lerman portrayed Charlie’s shyness and awkwardness was understated but perfect, Ezra Miller was hilarious and I even appreciated Emma Watson’s American accent. I had my doubts when reading the book, but for some reason watching the film has dissolved everything and made me fall in love with it all again. It might be an idea to reread the book now and see how it compares.

Also, I finally got round to watching the Avatar (I’m massively late, I know) and I surprised myself by absolutely loving it. I’d been putting off watching it for years, partly because I’m not a fan of sci-fi, and partly because I have such a short attention span I didn’t think I would be able to last. But success! I watched the entire film, with advert breaks I’ll have you know. And for a girl who got confused at Kung Fu Panda 2, I followed the storyline and everything. My brother calls it ‘Pocahontas in space’ and I can really see where he is coming from, but I think he’s also right in saying that you don’t watch it for the storyline, you watch it for the amazing special effects and the sumptuous visual feast. I just wished I’d watched it before when the whole hype was surrounding it, but maybe now I’ll be able to get all the Avatar-based puns and jokes which I never understood before. 

Anyway, three completely unrelated topics, I know. But a girl’s gotta blog, even if it is just a jumbled assortment of her rambling thoughts. I’ll be back on form next time with an official proper post, if such a thing exists.

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