There are many things I love about the German language, but one of my favourites has to be its ability to convey complicated ideas and meanings in just one word. ‘Wanderlust’ is one of these words, so unique that there is no English translation and it is has now been absorbed into our language too.


wan·der·lust  (wŏn′dər-lŭst′)


A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.
Simply put, Ich habe Wanderlust.

Thankfully, I have some exciting plans for the next year which will hopefully curb my travelling desires, or perhaps just inspire me even more! On the German theme, from September to February I will be an au pair for a lovely family in Dresden and I cannot wait to put my German into practise and challenge myself to speak it fluently.

After that I’m planning to work for a couple of months to earn some money and then hopefully fly to New Zealand for a couple of months! Of all the places to travel to in the world, I’ve for some unknown reason fixated upon New Zealand and now nothing will do until I visit it.

It sounds cliché but I’m about to graduate from university and I’ve got the rest of my life ahead of me. Despite my parents moaning loudly about how they always thought I would get a job straight out of university because that’s how they did it ‘in their day’, I really can’t see myself settling down to the 9-5 routine, well, ever, but they’ve vowed to support me in the short-term nonetheless. In a metaphorical way, of course, unfortunately not financially. We’ll see if they’re still just as supportive in a year’s time when I’m going on about some far-fetched travel plans which involves them dropping me off at the airport and ridiculous times and me running away to the other side of the world. For a very practical pair, they’ve created a girl who spends far too much of her time dreaming.



So as I head towards my final term at university, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel which looks a little like unemployment, but smells like Dresden, New Zealand and freedom. In the meantime, as well as pining over various tumblr-esque travel images and sticking them around my room for inspiration, I’ve also been enjoying YouTube vloggers FunForLouis and Ben Brown who both make daily vlogs about their travels around the world. I’d recommend them to anyone fancying a taste of adventure and sun on those dreary British days where dreaming just won’t do.

It’s like travelling around the world without the travelling part. *immediately copyrights slogan*

Anyway, that’s enough dreaming for one day. Are there any places anyone would recommend visiting during my stay in Dresden? I’m looking forward to living near and visiting Berlin and Prague too. Or any places in New Zealand or, indeed, the rest of the world I should pay a visit to? Alternatively, would anyone like to send me money to fund such frolicking? All donations, however small, will be appreciated.*

*Please do not actually send me money.**

**Ok. If you have to.

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