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Poetry Corner | Poem#21: Milford Sounds

I had an epiphany whilst travelling, something of a question. Faced with the things I saw: the most awe-inspiring, remarkable, fantastical works of nature – how was I exactly to process all of this? I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in design, but I couldn’t really comprehend how something of such profound beauty and […]

Travels 2016: South Island, New Zealand

Picton → Christchurch → Dunedin → Invercargill → Queenstown → Wanaka → Tekapo → Christchurch And so we reach the end of our journey, and the end of the story of our three-month trip around the world. Let’s pretend that this part didn’t take me two months to write… New Zealand’s South Island is mountainous, wild, and basically just completely epic. We traipsed […]

Travels 2016: Wellington

Wellington was our last stop on New Zealand’s North Island, and asides from being a very small capital with only just more than 200,000 residents, we found it to be a very cool, relaxed and fun city. In our two days we did a walking tour of the city, took the cable car from Lambton […]

Travels 2016: North Island, New Zealand

Wait, stop! Before you read this blog post, have you caught up with my other travel posts, especially my Auckland one? Done it? Good. You may now proceed. Auckland → Paihia → Coromandel → Rotorua → Waitomo → Taupo → Wellington So our route around the North Island of New Zealand was planned to maximise how much we could see in […]

My Travel Essentials

So, I’m back from my travels, three-month holiday, spiritual experience, whatever you want to call it. And rather than wallow in nostalgia and sadness, I’ve put together a little list of my travel essentials. So here is my gift to you, and I hope that I am able to impart at least a little wisdom […]

Travels 2016: Auckland

New Zealand! As I sit here writing and reminiscing about the beginning of our trip to this AMAZING country, a month later we are actually about to leave. Unfortunately, the real world beckons, and as sad as that is, I have nothing but happy and wonderful memories of the last country on our travels. Auckland is […]

Travels 2016

To say that I’m excited might be an understatement. To say that I haven’t quite processed it all might also be true. But in four days I will be setting sail for the other side of the world for three months- to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bali, Australia & New Zealand – and I don’t […]


There are many things I love about the German language, but one of my favourites has to be its ability to convey complicated ideas and meanings in just one word. ‘Wanderlust’ is one of these words, so unique that there is no English translation and it is has now been absorbed into our language too. —————————————————————————————————————— […]