A Trip to Kew Gardens

Last week on a blustery-but-sunny-nearly-Spring day, we headed to Kew Gardens so I could practise taking some photos on my camera.

I absolutely love Kew Gardens – it’s one of my favourite places in London and definitely somewhere that never fails to make me feel happy. For too long I’ve been taking photos on my camera using the auto setting, so it was great to finally have a go playing with the shutter speed, f stop and iso to try and work out the best way to take photos in different circumstances. As we are off to Scotland in two weeks, there’s never been a better time to up my photo-taking skills. Hopefully practice will make perfect!

Kew Gardens 7Kew Gardens 6Kew Gardens 11

Kew Gardens 16Kew Gardens 17Kew Gardens 15

Kew Gardens 14Kew Gardens 3Kew Gardens 10

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