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The Diary of an Unpublished Author #1

In which Beth decides to begin chronicling the ups and downs (mainly downs) of her illustrious writing career.

Falling for Autumn

Today I stepped outside and it smelt like autumn. And so begins my love affair with this beautiful season. There’s something magical about autumn that has captivated me for as long as I can remember. Maybe because it’s the season of my birthday (October 1st and don’t you forget it), maybe it’s the transition from […]

How to Apply for Literary Agents

A simple step-by-step guide on how to apply for literary agents. Want to take that step and put your heart and soul, sorry, book, out there in the publishing world? Easy! Copious amount of stress and pain required. Please follow this guide for enlightenment. Step 1. Realise that this is what you want. Really and truly. […]

Reflecting on Reflection

I’ve been pretty busy lately – working two jobs, saving money for travelling, trying to find a social life somewhere, becoming the ultimate cliché of a struggling writer; altogether forgetting how to switch off and shut down. During times like these you’re so busy being busy, putting yourself on automatic just to get through the days […]

How to be Happy

I’ve been thinking about how to write this blog post for a while now. Unwilling to call myself in any shape or form a happiness guru, and knowing just how annoying it can be to be lectured by others on something so shifting, so personal, I have spent a lot of time mentally writing and […]

Think Good Things And You Will Always Look Lovely

Or, Catch Up Chats in Cheltenham. In which Beth returns to this beautiful town to visit a friend. For all of you dedicated fans, and I know you’re out there…somewhere, you may remember that I went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival a couple of years ago where I duly fangirled over my favourite author, Patrick […]

Ah Good The Sea

On my way back to the UK a couple of weeks ago, I had the joy of coming in on the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover and shouting quite loudly to everybody, “It’s the white cliffs of Dover! I see the white cliffs, I’m home!” Excitement and patriotism aside, there is something really beautiful and […]

Carrying Home With Me

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of home, and I guess that I had a kind of epiphany. Let’s set the scene, shall we? It’s about half past 6 in the evening and I’m on a bus on the way back from Prague to Dresden. I’m returning from a wonderful couple of […]

Some Call It Being Unemployed. I Call It Being A Writer.

Just a little public service announcement here to report a couple of life updates: namely that I’m back in the UK, that I’ve finished with my au pair job in Germany, and that I’ve decided now to take some time off to focus on my book and my writing. Yep, this is really happening. I have […]

The Truth About the Kindle

If you would like to see my previous long rant about the Kindle, please click here. Otherwise, please just accept that I am a hypocrite and that things have changed, ok? A year or two ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of ever getting a Kindle. To me there was nothing better than the sight of […]