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Exploring Dresden: The Elbe

Last week we were graced with a couple of days of lovely warm weather here in Dresden, and I used the opportunity to explore some of the city’s beautiful outside spaces. The river Elbe winds it way through the heart of the city, and with cycle and footpaths close to both sides of the river banks, and […]

Exploring Dresden: Großer Garten

Just when I was beginning to fear that winter had decided to throw caution to the wind and jump forwards a couple of months, today thankfully proved me wrong, and the entire city has been bathing in a glorious autumnal sunshine. With more good weather promised to come, I decided to make the most of it and […]

Exploring Dresden: Frauenkirche

So I am now a resident of Dresden, complete with host German family, real German children to look after, and an official residency confirmation from the town hall. It’s not even been a week yet, but I’ve already found plenty of time to to learn how to say important words like ‘blueberry muffin’ and ‘mole’ […]

Packing for Dresden

The essentials: 1. Vans, mint green coloured. 2. Oversized comfy jumper from H&M. 3. Notebooks and pen. 4. Cute cards from friends. 5. Cath Kidston luggage tag, a present from a friend. 6. Passport. 7. Kindle. 8. German dictionary, old and battered. 9. PROPER TEA.

Graduating and Other Grown Up Things

Hello! Where have I been? You may be wondering. Probably not actually. Rather than indulge myself with thoughts of teary-eyed readers weeping at my lack of online presence, the happenings of my shall hereby be recorded in this post for cathartic purposes only. Things what I did after I had to read a lot of books. […]

Ich werde zu der Weihnachtsmarkt in München gehen!

It’s that time of year again. November’s arrived, Bonfire Night’s passed and all I seem to be seeing on TV are Christmas adverts. Now everyone who knows me knows that I am a complete Christmasaholic: snow, trees, decorations, advent calendars, cheesy Christmas TV – I love it all. I also absolutely love Christmas in Germany, […]